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Do you know your trees? Discover Ten Species we Frequently Encounter.

A shagbark hickory tree.

When you look into your woods, you see a lot of trees. But do you know what kinds of trees you are seeing? Maybe you’ve enjoyed the woods as a whole but haven’t thought much about the types of trees it contains.  Trees are unique and fascinating, and knowing what kinds you have will help […]

What to Expect After a Timber Harvest

a skidder on a logging path

Our last blog post described the process of a Stoltzfus timber harvest. In that post, we talked briefly about what you can expect after we’ve harvested your trees. In this post, we want to cover that topic in more detail. Although we try to explain these things before each harvest, customers are often still surprised […]

First Contact to Final Cleanup: A Bird’s-eye View of a Stoltzfus Timber Harvest

A loader loading logs onto a semi trailer.

You might have a general idea of what’s involved in harvesting trees, but we wanted to guide you through a typical Stoltzfus timber harvest. Though each project will have some differences, this article will show you what you can expect if you contract with us for your property. Initial contact and meeting When you call […]

4 Steps to Take After Harvesting Your Timberland

logging equipment during timber harvest

As part of our series on investing in timberland, we want to consider what happens to land after the timber has been harvested. That will depend, in part, on how and why the trees were harvested and what your goals are for the future. Though each situation is different, this article will be a general […]

8 Things to Do after Buying Timberland 

If you’ve recently bought timberland or are thinking of doing so, there are a few details you should know about caring for your investment. Here are 8 things to do once you have the deed in hand. Find a forester Understand your land Develop a management plan Obtain timber insurance Control access to your property […]

5 things you need when selling the timber on your woodland 

large stack of logs from timber harvest

If you own timberland, or if you plan to invest in it, you need to be aware of the components involved in selling timber. Because timber is resistant to inflation, offers tax benefits, and appreciates over time, it’s often a good investment. But if you don’t know what it looks like to sell timber, it […]

Estimating Timber Value Prior to Purchasing Timberland

opening in green forest

When you’re looking to buy timberland, it’s important to have a sense of the value of the timber on the property. Since timber is often the most valuable asset on this kind of property, you need some realistic idea of how much potential there is for future timber sales. Otherwise, you risk overpaying and losing […]

Locating & Buying Timber Tracts

Heavy standing timber on woodland tract

If you’ve dreamed of having woods of your own, whether for recreation or as an investment, there are some helpful things to know as you start shopping. It’s not uncommon to have a cabin in the mountains for weekend getaways, but when it comes to investing, buying timberland isn’t always the first thing that comes […]

7 Things You Should Know Before Buying Woodland

Pennsylvania woodlands in summertime

For some people, a cabin in the mountains is the equivalent of an earthly paradise. When daily life means noisy neighbors and traffic jams, getting away from it all and having nothing but peace and quiet sounds like heaven on earth.  Those of us living in the 21st century aren’t the first to think this […]

Wildlife Habitat Management for Pennsylvania Woodlands

Pennsylvania wildlife in habitat - whitetail deer

Pennsylvania is home to many beautiful forests and woodlands that serve as a refuge to various species of wildlife. If you own some of this woodland, you might be wondering how you can help these animals and also take care of the trees. This article will give you some easy-to-follow tips on how to do […]