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Improve Your Forest Ecosystem with Responsible Logging Practices

Do you own trees, and are you looking for a responsible logging company in southeastern Pennsylvania or Maryland? It is essential to find a logging company with professional foresters on staff who care about the ecosystem that your trees are a part of. 

After over 90 years of combined forest management experience, Stoltzfus Forest Products is skilled in many different silviculture fields. We want your forest to be a place of peaceful refuge today and in the future. 

For a forest to maintain its health, you need to give the younger trees a chance to grow by logging off the older ones. With the soil disturbance and more sunlight reaching the forest floor, seeds quickly germinate, continuing the grand cycle of life in your forest. 

Chattering chipmunks darting through towering trees, moss carpeting the forest floor, and sound, solid timber putting down deep roots – these are all results of a healthy forest that has been managed well and logged responsibly.

We Purchase Timber at a Fair Market Price

We purchase standing timber to process at our sawmill in Lancaster County. If you have a minimum of 50 trees to harvest, we would be happy to work with you. If you would like us to help you with your forest management plan, contact us today! One of our professional foresters would be happy to visit your woodlot to offer a fair market price for your trees and ensure your forest will continue to be healthy and productive into the future.

Hardwood Lumber, Mulch, and Firewood for Sale

A sawmill produces many products and byproducts. At Stoltzfus Forest Products, you can purchase high-quality hardwood lumber, premium mulches (including bark mulch), unsplit firewood, and sawdust for agricultural use.

Who is Stoltzfus Forest Products?

Stoltzfus Forest Products is a forest management service and sawmill located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We provide forestry services within an 80-mile radius from our location in Lancaster County, PA. You’ll find us serving the York, Lancaster, Chester, Dauphin, Lebanon, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, Philadelphia, Berks Counties, and more in Pennsylvania. We also serve Maryland areas, including Cecil, Harford, Baltimore, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Carroll, and the surrounding areas. We specialize in purchasing standing timber but also provide kiln-dried lumber, mulch, firewood, and sawdust.
A minimum of 50 trees is required for Stoltzfus Forest Products to harvest your timber.
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