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Healthy Forests

Forest management is an informed combination of science and art. It’s thinking long-term. It’s hitting the reset button on your woods and making them better than ever. It’s implementing great practices that will leave your landscape in a healthy position for future generations.

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Wildlife Habitat

Animals thrive in a forest that is properly maintained. Turkey, smaller bird families, and whitetail deer love the edges of trails and openings where forage grows because of sufficient sunlight. Forest management creates those trails and openings. It’s a win-win for everyone, wildlife included.

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Wood Products

Mulch, paper, firewood products, household furniture, DIY adventures, and construction material–all come from timber harvest. By choosing sustainable forestry for your land, you benefit financially while benefiting the wood industry. And that’s exciting!

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Personal PayDay

The money you make selling quality trees may cover farm payments or other dream improvements to your property. We’ll send you a check for 100% of the agreed-upon sum before a single tree is cut. It’s as easy as that.

Our Process

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  1. After determining your need on the phone, we meet with you to guide you through key decisions in the harvest process. We create a harvest plan that balances two priorities: (a) bringing you the highest prices and (b) setting your forest up for long-term health.
  2. We walk your property and mark your trees according to the harvest plan.
  3. The timber is harvested by our certified logging crews. Our loggers take great pride in caring for your property like it is their own.
  4. Rewarded with strong cash value and your forest growing back in health and beauty, there are smiles all around.
  5. The timber is hauled to our mill and stacked in piles awaiting processing.
  6. Lower grade logs and sawmill trimmings become premium landscape mulch or premium firewood.


So Much Potential

A path through the forest.

Optimize your land value with a PayDay Harvest

Stoltzfus Forest Products ensures that your timber harvest is a win for you and the environment. Good forest management results in a clean environment, improved wildlife habitat, biological diversity, land improvement and preservation, and a refreshing place for recreation.

Your trees play an essential role in providing renewable resources for many industries in this process. They arrive at our sawmill and are processed into premium lumber, destined to become beautiful wood products. Lower-grade logs and trimmings are turned into premium landscape mulch or firewood.

You are making a good choice as a steward of your land. A sustainable harvest will optimize the value of your timberland, keeping it healthy, vigorous, and diverse. Improve your land today, and play an essential role in making the world a better place. We’re ready to walk beside you to that beautiful goal.

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PayDay Today

As soon as we finish marking and you sign a contract, we're committed! It may be a few months before we begin harvesting, but we will give you 20% at signing and the remaining 80% when we are ready to start work. This means that you will have your full payment in hand before a single tree is cut.

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Targeted Cutting

Foresters use one of two methods for moderate forest harvest strategy: even age–the strategy of keeping most harvestable trees within a close age range, or uneven age–the strategy to layer canopies of different age trees for maximum wildlife diversity.

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Sustainable Harvest

A sustainable harvest will optimize the value of your timberland, keeping it healthy, vigorous, and diverse. Sustainable forestry is about meeting today’s needs as well as tomorrow’s. Confidently decide on long-term health and happiness for your forest land and your financial benefit.

Finding a Trustworthy Timber Buyer

A forester from Stoltzfus talking to a customer

We are members of the following Forestry and Lumber Associations.

Meet Our Foresters

Dan Davis

Dan has over 40 years of timber management experience. He is a registered professional forester in Maryland and a member of the Society of American Foresters.

Chris Figgs

Chris Figgs graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in forest resource management. He has over 20 years of land, tree, and timber management experience. Early steps in his career included managing a thoroughbred horse farm and spending several years as an arborist.

These seemingly diverse experiences gave him a real-world understanding of land and soil management as well as practices that promote healthy trees. They also gave him a working knowledge of heavy equipment and managing projects. All these experiences continue to serve him well as he guides landowners through responsible timber management and harvesting.

He lives in Northeastern Maryland with his wife, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. Even when he’s not working in the woods, he still enjoys the outdoors. He and his wife enjoy gardening and home improvements as well as canoeing and hiking. And sometimes he even gets out his woodworking tools to make a table or a bowl!

Chris is a registered forester in the state of Maryland and a member of the Society of American Foresters.

Responsible Harvesting

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